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General conditions of car hire with driver service

• For hire a car with driver, excluding transfers, applies an hourly rate.

• For direct transfers extra urban from one location to another, the rate is calculated using the cost per kilometer plus any hour layover or waiting.

InAUTO Garda srl makes use of trusted collaborators and selected services can provide the same level or higher level and can use these to perform the services for which it deems appropriate.

• Each passenger may carry with it up to TWO CASES, ANY EXCESS BAGGAGE ES: SKI AND EQUIPMENT, MEANS OF WALKING TO BE DECLARED at the time of booking, to ensure that the car is not suitable for such transportation.

• Luggage damaged, wet, or that would preclude the safe, they will not be loaded.

InAUTO Garda srl undertakes to arrive their own vehicles or vehicles conducted by external collaborators in good time to appointments of departure and / or arrival at destination, however can not be held responsible for delays due to exceptional causes (traffic accidents, events, delay of aircraft or trains).

• The passenger is fully covered insurance who InAUTO Garda srl signed to their own means with third parties.

• The properties of the passengers are instead transported entirely under the responsibility of the passenger that declares the property at the time of embarkation.
Verify to start the correspondence of the your luggage, liability for loss or damage will not be accepted.


• If InAUTO Garda srl can not make in for any reason within our control to deliver its own means and resources of external collaborators passengers to the destination booked and paid, will arrange transportation by external means (TAXI, Car hire with driver) and subsequently reimburse the customer for the cost of such transportation upon presentation of a receipt or invoice
The reimbursement for the transfer may not exceed the rates in force for the same is agreed.

InAUTO Garda srl will be liable for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly attributable to our competence, in this case a refund will be limited to € 200.00 per booking.

InAUTO Garda reserve the right to change at any time the parties (or all) of these agreements without giving prior warning to customers, partners, tour operators or agencies.

• The customer within 8 days should notify any problems resulting from inefficiencies or failures directly attributable to our work. Will be our cure take action to mitigate any discomfort and loss in the full customer satisfaction.

• These conditions of carriage and all other related services respect the laws that regulate the sale of services in Italy, This guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage.


To the users hire service is prohibited from:

a) Smoking during transport;

b) throw any objects out from vehicles is stationary and in motion;

c) dirty or damage to the vehicle;

d) the transport of pets without having first agreed with the hirer all necessary measures to avoid the damage or dirtying of the car;

e) require that the carriage takes made ​​in violation of the rules of safety and conduct provided by the current Highway Code.

Right of cancellation of booking car hire with driver and complementary services

The customer may cancellation of the reservation by calling (+39)345 8173600 and sending an e-mail at
The termination hire service with driver or complementary services, without penalty within 24 hours before the of service.

Cancellations within 12 hours prior to the beginning of the service will be charged a penalty equal to 50% of the service.

Cancellations within 6 hours prior to the beginning of the service will be charged a penalty equal to 100% of the service.

• If your flight is canceled or delayed more than 30 minutes to go to the customer is obliged to inform our reservations number (+39 345 8173600) to be able ensure the presence of our driver at arrival.

The missed sending the notice of delay or canceled flight excludes the right to have the car in case of late arrival or putting off will be calculated a 50% penalty.